Holding duty bearers to account for the implementation of the GBV policy.

This project that works more in advocacy of GBV Policies and laws at district to village levels; a pilot project funded by Palladium Program (IKIRARO Cy’Iterambere)  through Trocaire , and it will operate in the same districts of Rulindo and Gakeknke . It’s a one year pilot project started October 2017 and ending September 2018.

Participants to the accountability meeting in Gakenke district/ Janja Sector, 2018

The trained Anti-GBV committee members from rubona village, Janja sector Gakenke district presenting the GBV Map in their village during accountability meeting

ARCT-Ruhuka distributed Smart phones to the trained Anti GBV committees to facilitate quick reporting of GBV cases

ARCT- Ruhuka is National Organization of professional Trauma Counselors.



City of Kigali Gasabo district, Kimironko sector, Kibagabaga cell, Gasharu village, KG 321st

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